Board Refreshment

Whiffle is looking for a chairperson and member for their Supervisory Board

Profile Independent Chairperson and Member of the Supervisory Board

We’re looking for a combination of the following experience or background in our chairperson and member:

  1. Innovation. Has an affinity with and/or understands companies that are strongly research and innovation driven with a good understanding of striking the right balance between fundamental break-through R&D and commerce.
  2. Software as a Service. Solid experience with SAAS companies and familiar with its business models, pricing strategies and the intricacies of scaling a business in this area.
  3. Marketing & Sales. As the rest of the board has a strong background in finance, having experience which can help management in advising them in marketing and sales strategies is highly recommended.
  4. Board experience. Experience required in the governance structure of a Board of Directors in start-up or scale-up, and its legal obligations. Ideally has formal board governance education. Enjoys coaching of the management team and guides them in growing the company.
  5. Fast growth. Understands the complexities of building a new business, the financial and commercial challenges and the fast pace of decision making through-out the journey of a scale-up.

Application deadline is 5th of August 2022

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